live engagements now


Image: David Leikam, Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Davis (L-R, composition: Silence)

Location: The Lab SF, San Francisco, California, USA (CREATE Festival)

Photo: Bill Leikam

- NOW -

  • AUG 2022: David Leikam at Private Recording Studio, Oakland, California, USA

  • 7 AUG 2022: David Leikam (solo electric bass and Moog synth set) at μHausen 2022, Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz, California, USA

- THEN -

NOTE: David has been performing live and recording music in studio since 1987 (solo debut JAN 1988) with the local SFBA arts/music collective, Friday Night Music (1979-1994, 2000-2006) and other music/sonic engagements worldwide.