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David Composing

Image: David Leikam (in composition of Camera Shudder, 2009)

Location: Palo Alto, California, USA

Photo: Jin Zhu

Note: This is an incomplete list and some works are lost to history.


  • Camera Shudder for string quintet (inspired by Jin Zhu) [2009-?]

  • The Piano Chess Game Series 1-4 for solo piano (dedicated to Arthur Jarvinen , Chris H. Miracle, and James Tenney). [2001 (1), ? (2-4)]

  • American Beauty (album cover designed) [2003-?]​

  • Feeding the Disease (album cover designed) [2003-?]

For Solo


  • Absence of One (live improvisation - recording, acoustic piano with Moog Rogue) [2005]

  • Grind Your Teeth On (studio recording, electronics) [2004]

  • She Loves Another (raw and affected mix) (studio recording, fuzzy fretted electric bass) [2003]

  • Interviewing Grandpa: dedicated to George Wilhem Leikam (recording, realized audio) [2003]

  • Goodbye for Now (studio recording, electronics) [2001]

  • Hades Descent (long play loop) (studio recording, electronics) [2001]

  • Near The Lake of Consciousness, 1+2 (long play loop) (studio recording, electronics) [2001]

  • Adrift in The Void (long play loop) (studio recording, electronics) [2001]

  • The Piano Chess Games (1 of 4) (notated, acoustic piano) [2001]

  • Asian Bells (studio recording, electronics) [2001]

  • Death Crawl (studio recording, electronics) [2001]

  • Tweak, Twitch, Smile (studio recording, electronics) [2001]

  • A Neu-Clear Day: dedicated to George W. Bush, spring 2001 (live improvisation recording, acoustic piano) [2001]

  • Black as AC/DC (notated recording, solo harp) [2001]

  • "Charged by Rage, Chad!" (live improvisation, graphic notated, edited audio sequence with fretted electric bass) [2000]

  • Modern Smoking (performance art installation) [1999]

  • "Pierre, Is That You?" (studio recording, edited audio sequence) [1999]

  • Little Elliot Stanley Walking Home (notated composition recording, acoustic piano) [1998]

  • "Hello Coleman, Harry That Is!" (dual title - graphic notated, live improvisation, recording, acoustic piano) AND "For Those Who Have Come Before!" (dual title - graphic notated, live improvisation, recording, acoustic piano) [1998]

  • Traffic Walk (studio recording, altered acoustic piano) [1997]

  • Mood Ladders (studio recording, altered acoustic piano) [1997]

  • Heiwz (studio recording, altered acoustic piano) [1997]

  • Society's Autumn (studio recording, fretted electric bass with Moog Rogue) [1996]

  • Sonic Fluid (studio recording, fretted electric bass with Moog Rogue) [1996]

  • Working In Oils (studio recording, electronics) [1996]

  • Lakeside In Winter (studio recording, electronics) [1996]

  • Cheese Filler (studio recording, fretted electric bass) [1996]

  • Walking On a Prairie with The Sky Up Ahead (notated, acoustic piano) [1994]

  • Friday Night Music :: Opus 1 (live improvisation, debut solo studio recording acoustic piano) [1988]

For Duet

  • Downfall and Happiness of Falling in-Love (live improvisation recording, acoustic piano and trumpet) [2006]

  • Fremd Soundings (live improvisation recording, Moog Rogue and acoustic piano with voice) [2006]

  • Womb (live improvisation recording, Moog Rogue and acoustic piano with voice) [2005]

  • Farewell To My Dear Friend, A (notated, commission, for viola and cello) [2005]

  • Fish Trousers Duet (notated, for snare drum and bass drum) [2005]

  • For Voice and Body (text notated, duet voice) [2004]

  • Piano with Furniture (live improvisation, double edged axe, chair, percussive acoustic piano) [2000]

  • Death Rolling By (studio recording, edited audio sequence) [1999]

  • Painting In Blue, In A Yellow Dream (notated sketch, studio recording, for two trombones) [1998]

  • Sailing Towards Charybdis (notated sketch, studio recording, for 6 tympanis, Tam Tam, bowed cymbal, and pitched bowl) [1998]

For Trio

  • 3, 2, 1 ... Live (studio recording, Moog Rogue, fretted electric bass, percussion, drums, sampler) [2007]

  • Santa Cruz (live / recording, fuzz e.bass, drumset, e. guitar) [2006]

  • Impairment of Self (live improvisation, acoustic piano, choreographed for duet dancers) [2001]

  • Done with Elbow (live improvisation, a. piano, choreographed with duo dance) [2000]


  • Impressions of John Cale's España (live improvisation, a. piano, choreographer / producer, modern dancers) [2000]


For Quartet

  • Beating Your Love Into Death (theatre notated recording, conductor, trumpet, flute, electric cello) [2001]

For Quintet

  • Beating Your Love Into Death, Revised (theatre notated recording, conductor, trumpet, flute, electric cello, solo dancer) [2005]

  • Get That Damn Music Away From Me! (live improvisation, acoustic piano with four assistances) [2000]

  • Observing the Heart (live improvisation recording, trumpet, trumpet, alto saxophone, congas, K5000s synthesiser) [1999]

For Sextet

  • Making Contact with Saturn (live improvisation recording, Moog Rogue synthesiser, K5000s synthesiser, Theremin, amped violin, laptop, drums) [2005]

  • Observations of a Tortured Soul (live improvisation, graphic notated recording, string sextet with Moog Rogue noise oscillator) [1999]

For Octet

  • We Are Not Installing A Toilet Here (live improvisation recording, Moog Rogue synthesiser, drums, theremin, telegraph, laptops, voices, audio processing) [2006]


For Nonet

  • ClockStringSwoB (graphic notated, conducted, recording, string nontet) [1999]

For Large Ensemble (10+)

  • When Sleep Gets In The Way (notated, small orchestra) [2001]

  • Cut-Ups (inside) (text notated recording, conductor and 21 narrators/voices) [1999]

For Brap (brap (v): to get together, hook up electronic instruments, get high, and record —cEvin Key)

  • Brap - Finale: Graduation Concerpt, Set II (brap recording, electronics trio, violin, alto saxophone, prepared piano) [2001]

  • Brap - after 22 + before 24 (brap recording, electronics quartet) [2001]

  • Tweak, Twitch, Smile (brap recording, electronics solo) [2001]

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