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2007 David Tippo

Sonic projects from the past, that may or may not be rebooted, now.

  • DA5 (2016, quintet)

  • DaLu (2009-?, duet with Lucas Rodenbush)

  • Friday Night Music (FNM: 1987-94, 2001-06, solo/duet/trio/ensemble)

  • In Your Ear Radio with David Bug (2001-18, KZSU 90.1FM Stanford University - broadcast live improvised radio worldwide)

  • LeiStra (2010-?, duet with Joe Straub)

  • Menschine (2002-03, trio/quartet)

  • Pe-eL (2005-?, duet with Lorin Edwin Parker)

  • Tippo (2007, quartet/quintet)

Image: David Leikam (Tippo)

Location: Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, California, USA (CalArts NorCal Alumni Showcase 2007

Photo: Bill Leikam

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