Current Live Engagements


Image: David Leikam, Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Davis (L-R)

Location: The Lab, San Francisco, California

Photo: Bill Leikam


JUL/AUG 2022: zBug - Music Festival, Berkeley, California

JUN 2022: David Leikam Private Recording Studio Engagement, Oakland, California


SEP 2021: LKD - Private Engagement, Palo Alto, California

15 AUG 2021: David Leikam (solo set) - μHausen 2021, Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz, California

8 AUG 2020: Eddie Gale Memorial Concert - Online Worldwide

NOTE: Most concert engagements in 2020/2021 are/were cancelled due to the shelter-in-place coronavirus pandemic ordinance, since mid-March 2020.

Take care and be well this season!