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An improv fretless bass guitar solo (NS Design CR6) at the Center for New Music, San Francisco on 13 JAN 2024, as part of Godwaffle Noise Pancakes.

"Window​ is Brilliant. Composition at a very high level."

-Paul Wexler, Wexwax

An improv fretless bass guitar solo (NS Design CR6) at the Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco on 1 NOV 2023, as part of the Outsound Presents: LSG New Music Series.

"Feeding the Disease is a powerful piece. Very emotional, like riding out a storm in mid seas."

-Paul Wexler, Wexwax


A solo improv engagement by David Leikam with his NS Design CR6-string fretless electric cello with pedals, originally broadcast live on Sound Wheels with R Duck (KZSU) on 20 JUN 2023.

Rediscovered from the ether of radio, the long awaited improvised ambient journey on KFJC in 2014, as part of the 24 Hour Drone. A Moog Rogue synthesiser solo set with pedals, in deep contemplation at dawn on 30 MAY 2014.

Sunset: David Leikam performs the debut of Sunset: A tribute to Eddie Gale (1941-2020), improv piano solo at the Musician's Union Hall, San Francisco in 2023. Sunrise: David Leikam and Eddie Gale duet at Friday Night Music (Music Annex) for an improv of acoustic piano and trumpet in 2002.​

​Debuts the live studio/radio broadcast sonic collaboration of David Leikam, Joe Straub, and Pamela Z from 2012 with additional mastering treatments in 2017.

The long awaited official release of David Leikam and Muruga Booker's After the Ice Cream recorded in the summer of 2011 over a two week session at Sage Court Studios in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dedicated to John Bergamo (May 28, 1940 – October 19, 2013). Featuring David Leikam - Moog Rogue, 4-string fretted electric bass, electronics (1-3); Muruga Booker - drums, beats, synthesizers (1-3); John Churchville - tabla (3).

​The long awaited official release of David Leikam and Muruga Booker's Lunar Frequencies / Solar Rhythms duet album recorded in the summer of 2011 over a two week session at Sage Court Studios in Ann Arbor, Michigan featuring David Leikam - Moog Rogue synthesizer and Muruga Booker - Nada Drum, atmosphere.

Two live concert engagements in San Francisco, California at The Lab and Meridian Gallery featuring David Leikam - Moog Rogue synthesizer, 4-string fretted electric bass; Sheila Bosco - drum set, percussion, electronics; Fred Malouf - electric guitar, electronics.

​Friday Night Music (FNM) was a creative arts collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area (1979-1994, 1999-2006) which David Leikam joined in 1985. This compilation covers pieces that he produced/conducted between 2001.05.25 through 2003.06.06 with featured members of FNM including Muruga Booker, Eddie Gale, James Gurley, Bill Leikam, Fred Malouf, and Craig Latta.

This is a bootleg recording from The Wild Beast Pavilion, CalArts z_Bug concert on 2010-10-09 featuring David Leikam - Moog Rogue synthesizer, 4-string fretted electric bass, Zachary Morris - drum set, Sheila Bosco - drum set, Sean Price - electronics, laptop. This is the final performance with Zachary Morris in the zBug.

LeiStra (David Leikam and Joe Straub) explores the delicate fabric of structured improvisational landscapes and atmospheric compositions. Discovery of Systems is a collection of duet improvisational compositions recorded live at Maybeck Studios in Berkeley, CA and there are no overdubs or mixing involved.

A collection of structured improvisational duet compositions with David Leikam featuring Eddie Gale, Areni Agbabian, Jason Shanks, Thomas Merácz, and Wadada Leo Smith.

​The second album recording by the industrial jazz unit zBug featuring guests Eric km Clark - amped violin and William C. Leikam - spoken words. Originally broadcast live on October 31, 2007 at KZSU 90.1FM, Stanford University but later reconstructed by David Leikam, mastered by Robert Rich, and a limited release in early 2009. Featuring David Leikam – Moog Rogue synthesizer, 4-string fretted electric bass; Zachary Morris – drum set; Eric km Clark – amped violin; William C. Leikam – spoken words.

​This is a compilation of audio tracks composed specifically for modern dance choreography while David Leikam was studying music collaboration at CalArts (2004-06) except for Traffic Walk (1997) which was a sound design piece composed while he was studying audio engineering at the Musicians Institute (1996-97). Featuring David Leikam - electronics, piano, rhythms, textures.

Three quintet improvisations featuring David Leikam - Moog Rogue synthesizer; Zachary Morris - drum set; Areni Agbabian - piano, voice; Craig Latta - laptop, voice; Sean Price - presence.

"...the improv theme is what holds them together (and it appears to have been recorded live in-studio). The artist clearly has a great deal of range and skill."
-David McWade, KZSU 90.1 FM

Featuring: David Leikam Trio, David Leikam Sextet, David Leikam Octet (Birth of zBug), Thomas Merácz and David Leikam, Areni Agbabian and David Leikam.

The debut live in-studio recording of z_bug at KZSU 90.1FM, Stanford University in late 2007 as part of The Day of Noise Festival and debut of Sheila Bosco as a member of zBug. 

​This is a 24:05 minute electric bass solo inspired by jEnny D. and transferred direct from analog cassette in mid-2003. Recorded and mixed on 3 JUN 2003. Sonic source: electric bass, crate amplifier, room space, mic. Sonic alterations: vox fuzz box, reverb, imaging. David Leikam - electric bass, ambient room.

​This is the second album by David Leikam that was independently released in mid-April, 2002. It comprises of a early January 2001 42:55 techno brap and four other long form loops composed in late 2001.

​The debut compilation album by David Leikam independently released in early 2002 that covers the years between late 1996 to early 2001 while studying audio engineering at the Musician's Institute (1996-1997) and music composition at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts, 1998-2001).

​This is the debut recording of David Leikam's solo studio composition Opus 1 at Friday Night Music in January of 1988. "Your piano playing sounds a lot like Keith Jarrett." -Harry Lane Coleman, Creative Arts Improviser/Friday Night Music

Featured on...

This album documents two live performances at the former venue, the Oakland Box Theater, in Oakland California. David Leikam is featured on track 2.


NOTE: David has been performing live and recording music in studio since 1987 (solo debut JAN 1988) with the local SFBA arts/music collective, Friday Night Music (1979-1994, 2000-2006) and other music/sonic engagements worldwide.

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