1977 Jaco Pastorius

Man, I've heard most of your set [with zBug], it was fuckin' brilliant! What you do on your bass [NS Design CR6-string electric cello] is amazing, ok it's amazing, REALLY amazing! Ah, so impressed... what your first song reminded me of was... [Airto Moreira's Nativity featuring Jaco Pastorius] ...one of the greatest things I've ever heard in my life.

Paul L. Wexler - producer, recording, mastering (Warner Bros. Records, Island Records)

2008-ohGr live in Chicago.png

diG your music. Eclectic ain’t the word. Film noir multiverse ethnic blade runner desert world. Love it.

Nivek Ogre - ohGr / Skinny Puppy

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2019 David Leikam moog.jpg

I don’t play tunes but create a state of consciousness within the vocabulary of music based on architecture.

David Leikam - zBug’s Splitting Glass | Twilight Sunrise EP


Palo Alto, CA, USA

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