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David Leikam w/ NS Design CR6 Bass // Photo: Tim Walters

Image: David Leikam (NS Design CR6-string Radius fretless electric bass guitar - NSArtist/ NSixArtist)

Location: Outsound New Music Summit, Berkeley, California, USA

Photo: Tim Walters


  • 25 MAY 2023: Resident Electronic Music: David Leikam & others at Noisebridge, San Francisco, California, USA​​ & ONLINE

  • 11 JUN 2023: TBA, San Francisco, California, USA​​


- ARTICLE (2022) -

...Sunday night brought us zBug, an improvising ensemble led by David Leikam featuring saxophonist Patrick Cress, trumpeter Doug Ellington, and drummer Timothy Orr, accompanied by Christina Braun, a dancer from the Butoh tradition who has chops and a mind of her own. She skirted the boundaries of the players, dancing into their midst with humor and agility as the players began by marking their territory and roles until the midway point when things achieved coherence, real flow, and active interplay. The chance to hear both a seasoned group like Rova:Arts and zBug, a group that intentionally shifts personnel in every performance, gave this listener the sense of an arc that begins with a first meeting and reflects the rewards ensembles achieve with forty years of hard work and dedication. It’s also indicative of Romus’s intention to provide listeners with the full breadth of the improvised music experience.

“The Outsound Music Summit was held from July 29–August 1 in Berkeley, California. Recordings of the performances can be streamed on Youtube.”

Phillip Greenlief

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