Image: z_bug logo (2006)

Design: David Leikam

zBug is a psychedelic improv jazz unit. Found in 2006 by David Leikam while at CalArts and currently features sonic improvisational veterans in the SFBA.

"Man, I've heard most of your set, it was fuckin' brilliant!"

Paul L. Wexler (Warner Bros. Records, Island Records)

Current Members

David Leikam - NS Design CR6-strings Radius fretless electric bass, NS Design CR6-strings fretless electric cello, Moog Rogue synthesizer

Sheila Bosco - drums, keyboards (in Amsterdam)

Patrick Cress - saxophones, clarinets

Doug Ellington - trumpet

Timothy Orr - drums, percussion

NEWS: zBug Live in Berkeley, California (JUL/AUG 2022)

AUDIO: Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Past Members

Craig Latta - devices

Fred Malouf - electric guitars

Zachary Morris - drums, devices (co-founder)

Sean Price - modular synthesizer

Featured Guests

Clifford Brown III - trumpet

Eric km Clark - amped violin

Bill Leikam - spoken word

Rent Romus - saxophones

• Moe! Staiano - drums, percussion